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Fastest Way To Earn Blue Essence Perhaps the fastest way to earn Blue Essence outside Garena is playing XP Boosted PvP matches. 5v5 Summoner’s rift games offer the best amount of XP regardless of whether you win or lose. Use duration boosts to maximize this effect and allot a specific amount of time to play during your free time. This is what you can earn the most blue essence with.

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In this tutorial I share both the different wa #leagueoflegends #lolblueessence #lolchampionsIn this video i will present how to easily get blue essence and to unlock all the champions in League of Legend Hello And Thanks For Watching The Video,If You Liked It And Would Like To see more from me then click the subscribe buttonAlso If You Want to see more conten The change from LP to Blue essence made it so players who haven’t already had a good amount of champs, now have to pay money to realistically have a decent champ pool within a reasonable amount of time. Just look at how much BE u get after a week of playing. It not even close to breaking 1000, and most champs are 6300. The only way to obtain blue essence is through actually playing the game itself, but what can you do with blue essence and how do you get more of it?

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You also get a bit of BE for first win of the day, and some event missions grant BE or things that turn into it. One of the Snow Day missions gave straight BE, I believe, and another gave a chest+key.

How to get blue essence


How to get blue essence

Blue Essence (BE), formerly known as Influence Points (IP), is League’s primary in-game currency. The quickest method to get Blue Essence LOL is to play PvP games with XP supports dynamic. In the event that you would prefer not to spend any valuable Riot Points on purchasing supports. At that point PvP games are as yet the quickest method to get level up. In the event that for reasons unknown you scorn playing against genuine individuals. Blue Essence is represented by a blue shard logo and it’s one of the main currencies in League of Legends.

How to get blue essence

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How to get blue essence

Olika league-league-mästerskapet kräver olika saker från Hextech Crafting för att låsa upp nya hjältar.

Watch the video explanation about MISSING RP AND BLUE ESSENCE ON PBE SOLUTION - League  19 Mar 2020 The higher the level you have, the better the rewards you get- 24000-30000 Blue Essence to spend on champions before you go Ranked! 22 Jul 2020 Blue essence essentially functions as "IP" used to, which means you can buy champions with it. Orange essence functions like "RP" even though  28 Mar 2021 Blue Essences, also known as BE, are part of the three main currencies in the game.
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