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RawFilm is the world's first subscription-based stock footage platform with premium 8K content shot on RED Digital Cinema Camera available for immediate download in REDCODE RAW format. We are the only platform with one, simple license and unlimited worldwide use - all of that for the most affordable price in the stock footage industry. RAW Digital Lab (RDFL) are a Sydney based digital editing company working with digital, film and hybrid photographers from all over the world. POSTAL. RAW Digital Lab PO Box 171 Saint Peters NSW 2044 Australia. AUSTRALIA (02) 7227 9338.

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This can often be negotiated down if you give them a large quantity. For the feature example above processing would cost about $3,600.00 for 16mm or $9,000.00 for 35mm at $0.20 per ft. Boutique Film Lab is a great lab for C-41, B&W and E-6. They can process roll film and sheet film up to 4×5. High quality scans and excellent customer service. Explore your creativity with this Nikon digital SLR camera. It lets you create regular or time-lapsed videos that can be synced to your smartphone via the SnapBridge function, and it includes customizable special effects options.

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We would love to hear from you. Please fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Raw digital film lab pricing

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Raw digital film lab pricing

Cannot say … Color Film Processing C-41. East Coast Film Lab can process ANY C-41 roll film format, from 110 to 126, APS and 35mm, 120, 220, and sheet films up to 5×7. All roll film formats are machine-processed through a FujiFilm C-41 processor. Our machine receives nightly maintenance cleanings, with complete rack, tank and crossover procedures weekly. digital services film services. Please note we will be closed April 23, 2021 Premium scans are the perfect fit for the film shooter who wants to create images and then sit back and have their lab do the the Imacon is the perfect solution, providing 16 bit color at 300 DPI. To simplify pricing, scans are offered in the most popular Learn how to get incredible DSLR Film Scans from all types of Color Negative Film.

Raw digital film lab pricing

So we always recommend that our clients work with one colour preset and one black and white preset to ensure the images we edit for you are cohesive and give you a signature look! If you don’t have a preset, don’t worry!
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Raw digital film lab pricing

This incredible crew also helps hybrid shooters get their digital files to look just like film. All you need to do is send some reference film scans from your film lab along with the RAW files and they'll take care of the rest, resulting in beautiful, consistent images for your clients.

From your wedding to your child’s graduation, family vacations to holidays, those serendipitous candid shots—photographs harness the unique ability to preserve the special moments of our lives and create artifacts for future generations to look back on. The Darkroom, over 40 years experience in professional film developing. Develop by mail from $12 - Images on CD, developed negatives & digital download.
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Pricing. Pricing is based on several factors including file types (raw or finished), final output size of files, database requirements, turn-around times and quantity. We are happy to schedule a meeting to discuss your specifications and requirements and create a suitable workflow for your project.

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Here are just some of You can adjust the white balance when processing RAW images with a specialized.