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de reactor in Petten deze week bezoek van de Amerikaanse deskundige Kirk Sörensen,  23 Mar 2011 “IT IS not difficult to conceive of an entire planet powered by thorium,” wrote Kirk Sorensen on his blog Energy From Thorium in 2006. 25 juli 2012 De Amerikaanse raketingenieur Kirk Sorensen komt op een gegeven moment het dikke naslagwerk ”Fluid Fuel Reactors” op het spoor. 20 Dec 2013 China has enlisted a storied partner for its thorium push: Oak Ridge and thorium wasn't,” says Kirk Sorensen, president of Flibe Energy,  16 Jan 2015 Kirk Sorensen is a nuclear and aerospace engineer working on the development of a liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) as a source of  20 Feb 2012 Thorium advocates such as Kirk Sorensen, a former NASA engineer who is now chief executive of Huntsville, Ala.-based Flibe Energy, are not  21 Jul 2011 A nuclear future built on thorium instead of uranium would be safe and efficient, says Kirk Sorensen. It's an old idea, but he has started a new  13 Mar 2014 As much as we love Thorium, there are way too many myths and Nuke” An article about the primary Thorium proponent, Kirk Sorensen.

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Thorium is a cleaner, safer, and more abundant nuclear fuel -- one that Kirk believes will revolutionize how we produce our energy. Kirk Sorensen began his work with thorium while working as an aerospace engineer at NASA. In 2010, he left NASA to work as the chief nuclear technologist at Teledyne Brown Engineering. In 2011, he founded Flibe, a company focused on developing modular thorium reactors.

Thorium can give humanity clean, pollution free energy Kirk

Compared to Uranium-238-based nuclear reactors currently in use today, a liquid fluoride thorium reactor (LTFR) would be: -Kirk Sorensen, President Achievements in 2014 - Flibe Energy In 2014, Flibe Energy commenced a funded study of the LFTR design which has enhanced the understanding of the potential and the challenges of this approach. Kirk Sorensen, former NASA scientist and Chief Technologist at Flibe Energy, has been a long-time promoter of thorium fuel cycle and particularly liquid fluoride thorium reactors (LFTRs).

Kirk sorensen thorium

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Kirk sorensen thorium

2011-03-31 Kirk Sorensen, LFTR, Molten Salt Reactor, TEDxYYC, thorium This entry was posted on 2011-04-23, 16:01 and is filed under Alberta , Calgary , Canada , Environment , thorium . You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.0 . Thorium and MSR Fuel Strategies Kirk Sorensen, Flibe Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory October 5, 2016. The production of long-lived nuclear waste has been a potent focus of opposition to nuclear power for many years.

Kirk sorensen thorium

See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Kirk’s Kirk Sorensen's stories. nuclear and aerospace engineer. Okay, before we get into the techniques of enrichment, let's spend a little time with the fun part—the numbers! Kirk Sorensen’s TEDxYYC Talk (2011-04-15) In this talk with over 600k views Kirk Sorensen presents the capabilities of breeder reactors but he morphs the story as if the only breeder reactor possible is the thorium breeder.
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Kirk sorensen thorium

http://ThoriumRemix.com/ is a doc created (in part) from this footage. Watch "LFTR in 5 Minutes - THORIUM REMIX 2011" at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9M_ Kirk Sorensen: Allan Weinberg did a calculation in 1959 based on the thorium in the crust of the earth mined to a reasonable depth. Assuming seven billion people, which is about the world population right now, living at a western standard, which we are not at now but let us assume they are at a western standard of energy consumption.

Below is the full transcript. Listen to the MP3 Audio  Kirk Sorensen discuss "Thorium" at TEDxYYC 2011.Kirk Sorensen is founder of Flibe Energy and is an advocate for nuclear energy based on thorium and  16 Nov 2009 A nuclear waste burning liquid salt thorium reactor.
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In it, he tells the story of why uranium was originally chosen over thorium and how both China and India are already leading the way in this new technology education Funding Kirk Sorensen LFTR nuclear thorium tritium uranium. Kirk Sorensen Videos 1-Train ride from Geneva 2- LFTR Strategy for FLIBE Energy.

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Thorium has been promoted as the super safe, green and clean, massively abundant fuel of the future. Kirk Sorensen outlines some of the possibilities that Thorium has to offer.